Deep Learning for Healthcare Genomics

This workshop teaches you how to apply deep learning to detect chromosome co-deletion and search for motifs in genomic sequences. You’ll learn how to:

Upon completion, you’ll be able to: understand how CNNs work, evaluate MRI images using CNNs, and use real regulatory genomic data to research new motifs.


Basic familiarity with deep neural networks, basic coding experience in Python or a similar language


TensorFlow, Caffe, DIGITS, Theano, DragoNN

Assessment Type

Multiple choice

NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Resources

What To Bring

Students will just need their own PC with an outside internet connection to access the course materials and labs, they won’t need to install special software – all of that is preloaded on the VMs.


Time Topic Instructor
August 9th 2019 Room NB2.100A
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. TBD