MATLAB for Scientific Data Exploration

The goal of the MATLAB nanocourse is to instruct the use of MATLAB as tool for scientific data management and exploration, while enabling the deciphering and navigation of complex data structures that are often generated by MATLAB-based software packages. This is NOT a MATLAB programming course, although for data exploration some minimal coding skills will be established.

What will be covered


Beginner’s level familiarity with core elements of programming languages (loops, if-statements, functions). Applicants who are not familiar with these concepts are asked to work through these elements. The instructors recommend the following 3 – 4 hours youtube video block for self-study


How to Apply

Applicants please submit a max 400 word statement of interest with their potential use case of MATLAB. In addition, they please provide some account of previous programming experience or an expression of commitment that they will for at least 6 hours review the material of an online programming course or book. Based on this information the instructors will select max 15 participants. Selected applicants must commit to participation in the entire course.

Application Deadline:

November 12

Notification of Acceptance:

November 16